Join us April 2 at 4PM for our 26th Ministry Celebration

Leadership Team

Overseer Patricia Taylor (Pastor)

Elder Detrick Edwards (Prophet/Teacher)

Elders Dante and Chanise Gilliam (Pastor/Prophet)

Daryle and Minister Dalaana Robbson (Pastor/Teacher)

Chenia Hughes (Evangelist)

MIT Shearl Johnson (Pastor/Evangelist)

MIT Lisa Medland (Pastor/Evangelist)

Ellis Bobbitt (Prophet)

Statement of Faith

  • Overseer Patricia Taylor (Pastor)
    All Pastoral Ministries
  • Overseer Laurie Williams (Prophet/Teacher)
    All Educational Ministries/Inner Healing and Prayer Ministries
  • Elder Detrick Edwards (Prophet/Teacher)
    Media Ministry
  • Elder Dante and Chanise Gilliam
    Men Ministry and Marriage Ministry
  • Daryle and Minister Dalaana Robbson (Pastor/Teacher)
    Transportation and Dorcas Ministry
  • Chenia Huges
    Community Outreach Ministry
  • MIT Shearl Johnson (Pastor/Evangelist)
    Women’s Ministry
  • MIT Lisa Medland (Pastor/Evangelist)
    Fellowship Ministry
  • MIT Heather Wiers (Teacher)
    Altar Ministry
  • MIT Tiffany Young (Prophet)
    Singles Ministry