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Bishop Daniel Cunningham

Applying the Word of God

Bishop Daniel Cunningham is the Founder and Set-Gift of The Empowerment Center (TEC) and President and Prelate of Kingdom Apostolic Network (KAN), a network of apostolic-prophetic ministries who are bound together by a common heart and vision to bring the full restoration of the corporate church. In addition, Bishop Cunningham has currently established an international presence in AFRICA and continues to grow this work under the banner of KAN AFRICA.

Bishop Cunningham serves Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries (KFCM) as a member of the College of Bishops and serves as the Bishop of Ministries and a member of the Presidium. Bishop Cunningham has been commissioned and affirmed as an apostle, and he has a heart for training and equipping sons and daughters to fulfill their purpose thought the preach word of God.

As a marketplace gift, Bishop Cunningham works as a fulltime math professor at a local college. Bishop has been strategically positioned in this marketplace to reach beyond the traditional methods of ministry and touch individuals, families, and the community to demonstrate the manifestation of the Kingdom in the earth. He has served on many boards and organizations within his community to bring social and civil justice.

He is also the author of the booklets, Keys to Knowing Divine Wisdom, This is my Prayer, A Kingdom Agenda, and The Holy Tongue: Hebrew language.

The vision that the Lord has placed in Bishop Cunningham’s heart is to empower and challenge people to change their mindset by applying the Word of God in every aspect of their life.

Bishop Cunningham is married to Apostle Valarie Simone Cunningham, his wife of over 29 years. Together they have 3 beautiful young adult children Phillip James, Valerian Scott, Danielle Simone and one grandson.